CEP Compression Running Socks

Read about Jeffrey’s positive experience wearing CEP Compression Running Socks.

In the past year, CEP Compression Running Socks have been an invaluable product and training resource for me. I have been impressed with the effects of wearing compression socks, and have routinely used them for improving performance during training and for aiding in recovery. In longer training runs and marathon workouts, wearing the CEP O2 and Progressive Compression Running Socks has been extremely helpful with reducing lower leg fatigue while optimizing energy return. As a result, I feel able to run stronger and maintain my stride integrity during the later stages of workouts. After the completion of demanding training sessions, I have used these socks to improve blood flow and circulation in my legs and expedite the recovery process. Since using CEP Compression Socks, I have experienced far less residual soreness after workouts, which enables me to do more quality running without risking injury. Overall, the medically-tuned compression level of the socks is excellent and they are very breathable and well-ventilated– more so than any other sports compression sock I have tried out, including the OxySox and SIGVARIS Recovery Socks. I would highly recommend CEP Compression Running Socks to both endurance athletes and any active individual looking to continue their activities while staying healthy.

Read more about CEP Medical Compression technology here. You can also shop for their socks, including the O2 and Progressive Running Socks, here.

4 thoughts on “CEP Compression Running Socks

  1. Yes, I wear these in all my races. I find the compression to be particularly beneficial in longer distance races (i.e. half-marathon and marathon). They’re very breathable too, so they can be worn on warmer temperature days without making your legs feel uncomfortably warm. Give them a try!

  2. Jeffrey,

    I meant to tell you that my mom surprised me with a present of CEP compression socks. She followed your recommendation made to her in the library. Good call! They are excellent, remaining snug wear after wear.

    Let’s hang out soon. Maybe it’s time for another vegan dinner over at our place. You and Ali and another couple?



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